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Leaving Georgia for Japan.


On August 14th, 2010, I embarked on a great adventure. I left family, friends, home and all but a few posessions and took off for Japan.
The decision was an easy and exciting one, although many fears and uncertainties asaulted my conciousnes from time to time. My little internal voice would ask, What are you doing?, Are you sure you want to do this?, Have you lost your mind? To all, my consious mind responded with resolve and positiveness. and on the 14th, I took off.
The flight was long and anxiety made it feel longer. I was simply anxious to arrive at my destination and new home of at least two years.
First stop, Chicago Airport.Hartsfield Jackson to Chicago

Hartsfield Jackson to Chicago

The picture cam out very blurry but it is a shot of the departure time for the flight to Tokyo.Flight Departure from Chicago to Tokyo

Flight Departure from Chicago to Tokyo

The wait in Chicago was long and quite uninteresting. Interesting toilet

Interesting toilet

I didn't expect the fancy toilets until I got to Japan but the only interesting thing I found as I waited in Chicago was this toilet which had a self changing plastic seat cover. It flushes and rotates the "used" cover out of place automatically. It is activated bu a motion sensor. Self changing seat cover

Self changing seat cover

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